How to make the right choice for your Coffee Table!

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Usually, the coffee table is our very last thought and purchase for our living room, even though it is such an important element of our everyday lives and serves us in so many ways.. It’s there to display our favourite decorations, to place our food and drinks on, to rest our books on, and sometimes to rest our feet on; oh yes, we’re all guilty as charged! So, let’s see how to choose the best one for you!

As always, size matters in furniture, and in this case specifically you should not only consider the overall space, but also the proportion to the size of the other furniture and especially the main sofa. But what does this mean practically? The size of your coffee table should be equal to 2/3 of the sofa. Its height should also ideally be equal to the height of the sofa seat, or up to 3cm shorter and up to 1-2cm taller. As an extra tip, we’d like to note that the distance between the sofa and the table should ideally be around 50cm to allow for legroom, but still be close enough to comfortably reach things on the table.

In combination with the size, you also need to take into account the shape of the table, which should be combined with the rest of the furniture, the style you want to see in your space, and the possible presence of children, since sharp edges/corners are accident magnets; in this case, you should probably be leaning towards oval shaped tables. Square and round tables usually fit nicely in living rooms with a corner sofa. Rectangles and oval tables are considered similar and are the ideal solution for something longer in length. As an alternative, there is always the option of a living room table set, which consists of 2 or 3 smaller sized tables, each of them usually being a different size and height. It’s an option that gives character but also gives you more leeway in how you would like them to be placed in the space and at what distances, since you can customize their layout.

*Extra tip: to give a balance to the space choose a table with no legs (solid to the floor like a block) or with short thick legs if your sofa has legs and a gap between the floor. Alternatively, if the sofa has no legs, choose a table with thinner elements and legs. *

Of course, you’ll need to pay attention to the materials used and your needs. When we say needs, we mean the storage space you may or may not need, the ease with which you want that particular piece of furniture to move, etc. As for the materials, surely here you will also take into account the other furniture in the space – the abovementioned *extra tip* will help – as well as if there are small children in the space, where in this case you will have to rule out glass for safety reasons. At Alexandros Furniture you will find coffee tables for every taste and need!

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