How to choose the right wardrobe;

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A tidy space helps our minds to calm down and really relax in the house, especially when we are talking about our bedroom.. Let’s go over how to choose your most essential storage space, the closet!

  • Usage

There are a wide variety of designs from double doors, three-doors, sliding doors, mirror doors, built-in closets, and freestanding ones. And that’s just the framework – once you open the doors, there are unlimited options in terms of combining and configuring the interior space. So, the first question you need to ask yourself is what kind of storage space you need! Space for hanging clothes, shelves for shoes, drawers for smaller clothing items, space for cosmetics or accessories, etc… Once you have defined your needs, you can think about the functionality of the wardrobe you would like and thus find out what features you need from your wardrobe both internally and externally.

  • Functionality

It’s important to figure out what the ideal length and depth is for you so that you can hang your clothes in a way that they all fit comfortably. If you’re going to be storing long coats, evening gowns and robes in the wardrobe, you’ll probably need rails and hangers that fit the full height of the wardrobe, while suits, short dresses and t-shirts can be hung comfortably. As for shelves and drawers, again you need to think about what you’re going to store within them. Many wardrobes now offer innovation with built-in shoe racks, jewelry drawers and adjustable holes and slots that improve organization options. The depth of the shelves is also an area of consideration. Having a very deep shelf creates a black hole where clothes “disappear”, which means you may have trouble finding items in the back!

  • Size

Perhaps the hardest decision to make is where exactly to place the wardrobe. It’s a large piece of furniture which means it’s difficult to move, and most rooms only have one suitable place for objects of this size. How big a wardrobe should depend on many factors, including the space in your bedroom and what you need from it. A typical wardrobe is at least 45 centimeters deep, no more than 182 centimeters high and the width can vary considerably from 60 to 244 centimeters. If your budget and space allow for it, our advice is to choose a wardrobe as large as possible. You can never have enough storage space. But you need to think practically, will there be enough space to easily open doors, walk around the room and comfortably place other furniture?

  • Style

Choose the style that suits you. Do you want your closet to stand out in the room or be incognito and not draw the eye? You can choose from a huge range of colors and materials, with or without a mirror, with special or minimal knobs, and of course with hinged or sliding doors. Go wild!

Don’t forget to double-check the dimensions. It is very easy to underestimate how much space a piece of furniture like this can take up. Drawing the shape of the cabinet on the floor with masking tape is a useful trick.

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