How to choose the right dining set! Part 2o

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Last time we looked at some key technical characteristics to look out for when searching for a dining table set.. Now let’s go ahead and introduce your individual personality and style into the mix. Below you’ll find what to look for in terms of the creative aspects of your search!


Your practical needs and the size of the room will ultimately determine the shape of the dining room you purchase. The main shapes are:

– Rectangular tables: These are the most common and that’s because they fit most spaces. They work particularly well in long rooms. Don’t forget to calculate the width. A wide table fits more food, and therefore more fun.

– Square tables: Square room, square table; the perfect match! A relatively small square table brings people closer together and allows for intimacy to grow. But if it’s large you’ll have a hard time reaching the food in the centre, so a square table with an extension is the perfect – and practical – solution.

– Round or oval tables: these types of tables are best for small rooms and for parties since everyone has almost direct eye contact with everyone. Although this shape usually takes up less space, it still offers satisfactory usage of the surface area.


Choosing the right material for your dining table is a delicate matter. You should opt for a balance between maintenance, personal style and the overall style of your home!

Wood is the most popular dining room material. Classic, durable and easy to repair, wood looks beautiful and meets most needs. The alternative? Wood veneers. If you want the look of wood without the hefty (price), then wood veneer is a great solution for a more affordable alternative.

Glass surfaces create a sense of spaciousness, so they are ideal for small interiors. However, they do scratch easily and imprints are left at the slightest touch. How often do you want to clean?

Stone tables are sturdy and beautiful. Usually made of marble or composite quartz, they suit both contemporary and traditional spaces. Their disadvantage is that they can absorb stains or even crack.

Metal tables are modern and durable. Made of stainless steel, zinc, brass or painted versions of these, metal dining tables can withstand heavy use. But here too, fingerprints are immediately visible.

Style – Quality

The aforementioned tips are all well and good, but ultimately the dining table you choose should reflect your style and character. It’s the place you embrace and truly open up to your loved ones. If the space is open plan remember to match the style of your living room with the kitchen! And last but not least, quality! This a piece of furniture that you will have for many years and use a lot, therefore quality plays a tremendous role – which we take very seriously at Alexandros Furniture! You can find all our dining room furniture suggestions here.

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