How to choose the right armchair!

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Choosing an armchair should be a personal, and perhaps even a selfish choice, since we are dealing with a piece of furniture intended purely for your own comfort. According to research we tend to use this for almost 3 hours per day. We all remember Sheldon Cooper famously saying ‘That’s my spot’ and shooing away anyone who sat in his seat. For most people, the armchair in the living room, is something like that: their personal throne!

First things first, as we have now learned from other furniture pieces, the first thing to do is to measure your space carefully, and see how much room you have for the armchair or armchairs. In a large space there is always the option of putting in two armchairs. Whether identical or not, there is no stylistic restriction against differentiation, as long as the necessary space is given between them. In a smaller space, perhaps already loaded with other furniture, it is best to choose an armchair with thin legs rather than no legs, like a block that goes all the way to the floor, to give a sense of space..

So, once you have the dimensions and roughly know how big or not you want the armchair to be, let’s move on to the most important part: comfort.. We need to be able to sit in our armchair comfortably and get up from it easily without any hassle or struggle. Some basic rules to keep in mind that will help avoid this are:

– Your hips should never be lower than your knees, so that you can get up easily.

– When you rest your back on the back of the chair, your feet should reach the floor.

– When you sit down, the edge of the seat should not press against the back of your knees.

– And finally, if you choose an armchair with armrests, you should be able to rest your hands on the armrest and the armrest should be at elbow level.

However, the comfort level of an armchair also depends on the materials it is made of, in conjunction with high quality, as it must withstand heavy use for several years. Pay special attention to the fabric or leather you choose and don’t forget to consider the maintenance and cleanliness of it, especially if there are pets. You need strong materials for the frame of the armchair to ensure durability. And finally, the cushions. Ask about their sustainability in use, such as what they are made of, and how they can be maintained to remain comfortable.

Of course, don’t forget to play with style and colours, but keeping your whole space in mind; from your windows to the paintings on the walls. You can mix and match your armchair with the rest of the furniture and the room, or choose a bold colour and a unique design that will give the room personality. At Alexander’s Furniture we have a wide selection of armchairs, be it a classic armchair or massage armchairs, to bring out the Joey Tribbiani from “Friends” in you.

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