anti ageing

Dimensions (Width) *Price (€)
71-80 cm 47,00
81-90 cm 53,00
91-100 cm 57,00
101-110 cm 62,00
111-120 cm 66,00
121-130 cm 70,00
131-140 cm 74,00
141-150 cm 82,00
151-160 cm 85,00
161-170 cm 90,00
171-180 cm 96,00
181-190 cm 100,00
191-200 cm 110,00
* Prices are for length up to 2m
Over 2m 3 €/cm


With the use of microcapsule technology, capsules filled with vitamin E, aloe and jojoba extract, release their healing qualities when you lie on your mattress.

VITAMIN E protects the skin from ageing, deeply moisturises and softens.

ALOE EXTRACT helps skin elasticity with its moisturising qualities.

JOJOBA EXTRACT helps balance the skin while fighting cellulite, wrinkles and scars.

All these elements combined, make this specific mattress protector an anti-ageing product.

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