Epiplo Alexandros Sa is… all over the world!

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Greece, Cyprus, Switzerland, New York, Germany, Italy, Spain, Paris, London, Israel. At Alexandros Furniture we furnish homes and businesses all over the world and this in itself is one of our greatest “awards” and a testament to the quality of our furniture!

Shipments throughout Greece

Our headquarters may be in the wonderful Thessaloniki, but since we have been active from 1974, we have succeeded and have become synonymous with quality and high aesthetics in the furniture business throughout Greece. This is why one can find our furniture in homes, hotels and businesses all over the country, from the thousand-sung Thessaloniki to beautiful Crete, cosmopolitan Mykonos and Athens.

Daily shipments to Cyprus

Cyprus has a special place in our hearts, and it seems that the feelings are mutual since we make daily deliveries to the island! We have the pleasure of creating daily unique furniture according to the preferences of our friends from Cyprus and that is why our Cypriot clientele is extensive and special. We can proudly say that a large number of homes, hotels and restaurants on the island have been furnished by Alexandros Furniture.

Worldwide shipping

What we firmly believe is that quality and high aesthetics in the field of furniture knows no borders. That is why after almost 50 years, we have managed to create relationships with the whole world… literally! Our furniture has traveled to every possible geographical height and width, from the exotic Lebanon and Israel to the demanding Switzerland and the “strict” Germany, to the romantic Paris and even across the Atlantic to the cosmopolitan New York!

So if you want to have real, quality handmade furniture, with a design that stands out, furniture that you will literally keep for a lifetime and will always be tasteful, then we are waiting for you, whether you are in Greece, Cyprus or… America! Our customers all over the world are the best confirmation that at Alexandros Furniture we give furniture… soul!

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