organic cotton

Dimensions (Width) *Price (€)
71-80 cm 64,00
81-90 cm 70,00
91-100 cm 75,00
101-110 cm 80,00
111-120 cm 85,00
121-130 cm 92,00
131-140 cm 100,00
141-150 cm 105,00
151-160 cm 110,00
161-170 cm 120,00
171-180 cm 130,00
181-190 cm 139,00
191-200 cm 150,00
* Prices are for length up to 2m
Over 2m 4 €/cm


A clean, durable alternative to conventional cotton. No toxic chemicals are used at any stage of the production process. It is grown on fields free from chemical pesticides and fertilisers, for a minimum of 3 years. Our organic cotton is also grown using beneficial organisms and natural insect repellents (e.g. ladybirds against aphids). Organic cotton also assists in maintaining a healthy body temperature.

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