Metal versus Wooden Bed-Frame

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The number one secret to living a healthier life is a good night’s sleep. That’s why many of us spend a lot of time and money to purchase a good mattress that will offer quality rest, which is essential after a hard day’s work.

However, we tend to neglect being as attentive to our choice of a bed frame. This is basically the foundation of our bed which, if not adequate enough, can literally give you nightmares! Just imagine a bed frame that creaks at your every movement, that doesn’t hold your mattress in position properly, and that cannot hold both your own and your mattress’s weight without the latter ending up with lumps.

When the time comes to choose your bed furniture which must be comfortable, but at the same time sturdy, we have two options: Wood and metal. Which one of the two is best though?

Which is more resilient, wood or metal? 

The resilience of a bed can be defined in many ways. In this case, “resilience” is the ability of the frame to properly hold both your mattress and yourself. You may think that a metal frame is sturdier since it is more durable than wood. This is partially true.

Good quality wooden frames, like the ones you’ll find at Epiplo Alexandros, offer great durability thanks to the thickness and type of wood used. They also have sturdy stability systems incorporated in the form of bed slats which offer extra comfort and sturdiness to the frame.

Which type of frame has greater endurance over time? 

If we were challenged to a sword fight and had to choose between a wooden and a metal sword, we would definitely choose the latter. Similarly, this also applies to our bed frame. A metal frame has great endurance as it does not get affected by hits or bumps caused by children or pets which makes it easier to get passed down from generation to generation. Besides, how many times have you heard someone saying “that belonged to my grandma” when describing a metal-framed bed?

On the other hand, a wooden-framed bed might not have the same life-expectancy as a metal one but, with the proper care and attention, can last several years. Plus, even if time leaves its mark on it, it can either be repaired or simply become part of its charm.

Appearance: Wood or Metal – there’s no wrong choice

Let’s be honest, our bed is the jewel of our bedroom. And for our bed to look beautiful, our bed frame must be beautiful.

Wooden-framed beds are available in a large range of designs and at Epiplo Alexandros we offer the opportunity to custom build any design you like.

On the other hand, a metal-framed bed has its own charm. If, for example, you’re looking to give a more industrial look to your room, or even a more vintage touch, you’ll be 100% covered by the metal-framed beds in our collection. It’s simply a matter of personal preference!

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