Living room compositions: A fresh take on something classic!

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Living room arrangements, the suite, or better yet the sideboard… The old-time classic sideboard our grandmother had at home and stored all the good dinnerware, sometimes even our dowry! But our mother also had one in the house, probably in the more modern version for the time, with the TV in the centre of the composition. In any Greek house you went to, you saw pretty much the same furniture composition set up. You now think of that piece of furniture with nostalgia, but you probably don’t want it in your own home..

Years have passed, interior design has evolved, but this concept is still very useful and smart. Fortunately, however, it is now presented to us in a fresh way. Living room compositions are the perfect way to have storage space and style at the same time, but also as much furniture as you need to place TV, speakers and consoles.

But let’s talk about some of the key features to look out for when choosing a living room composition for your living area:

We say it every time because it’s the golden rule and we’ll say it again: make sure you measure your space correctly. You need to measure all the dimensions very accurately so you don’t end up with any surprises.

Take into account how big or small your space is. Don’t overload it with large and complex arrangements if the space is medium to small. And don’t put very few things in if you have a large space to fill.

Colour and style… remember that the living room composition is probably the furniture you’ll keep as a constant while everything else around it changes. The usual and safe choice is to go for neutral and classic colours with perhaps a more unique design, especially if you already have a unique and special piece of furniture in the living room. But if all the other furniture in the living room is of a “quiet” disposition, you can make a difference and choose a bold colour and an original design that will give the space a distinct personality.

With the above basic guidelines in mind, we urge you not to limit yourself to what you see ready-made in a living room composition brochure.. At Alexandros Furniture, you have the opportunity to bring us your ideas in design, colouring, and of course the dimensions that suit your space, and we will create something just for you; original and unique! At Alexandros Furniture you will find some of the best professionals in the field, who will advise and guide you so that you can find or create the living room composition that will express you perfectly!

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