How to choose the right entrance furniture!

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The entrance to our home, apart from being the first look – the first impression if you will – of our home, is also one of the most used spaces! It sees you out and welcomes you in you many times every day, and it does the same for your family and friends. It probably stores coats, bags, keys, notes and so much more that we all leave on the entryway furniture of our homes. So, this particular area of the house is where you should show special care, attention and love, so that it will reward you in your daily life. Let’s see how you do that…

Your goal is to create a welcoming atmosphere, by highlighting your personal style, while also storing and organizing your belongings, all while maintaining a functional layout. The first question you should ask yourself is “how big is my space?”, and of course, you’ll immediately grab a paper, a pencil and a tape measure and mark all the dimensions. Knowing your dimensions means you know what you can do in that space, and what is actually functional.

Then come the other questions like “What function do I want my entrance to serve?” “How do I want to use the entry hallway?” “Who will be using this space?” “Do I want it to be purely decorative?” Or maybe “I have kids and want to create a storage and organization space in my entryway?” And in all of this, of course, you have to include your personal style. So how do you define your personal style and how would you like to showcase it? It might seem like a mountain, but once the decisions are made, the sky will clear and everything will be easier.

A piece of entryway furniture that is quite functional and fits many styles is the hook hanger; surely, you’ll want to hang your coat somewhere as soon as you enter, as will your guests. You could also think about a bench, chair, or entry stool, depending on how big your space is and the style you’re going for. This is a piece of furniture that will help a lot if you’re putting on and taking off your shoes at the entrance. Then, a decorative entryway table is ideal for resting your mail, keys, notebook, etc. Such a table can also have storage space, like drawers. A mirror is also a great choice for the entryway, perfect for one last look at your appearance before you walk out the door, and it also enlarges your space. And finally, a small type of wardrobe is perfect for storing a coat, bag, or shoes without having them hanging in plain sight.

In any case, we’ll give you some small additional tips: make sure the entrance is well-lit, avoid choosing bulky furniture that doesn’t work and can interrupt the flow of the entrance area, use vertical space to keep items off the floor and out of corners, and don’t forget to give your personal touch with artwork and plants.

At Alexandros Furniture you will find a variety of entryway furniture that is sure to fit your space and style!

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