How to choose a mattress? Part 2

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In the second part, we’ll talk about features related to body type and sleeping habits. Let’s start with…

Body types

Body shape and weight influence the choice of mattress that should provide us with spinal support, comfort and other important features.

– Up to 70 kg: Immersion in the mattress is relatively low. Such a body type often benefits from a softer mattress, especially if you sleep on your side. However, everyone has their own preferences as to how hard they want their mattress to be. Therefore, we advise that if you want a harder mattress, factor in about 1 firmness level less than you originally thought, as the harder mattresses are designed for larger body types. Foam or hybrid mattresses are the ideal choice.

– From 70 to 100 kg: Solid foam, hybrid and latex mattresses are ideal for you, as long as you find the firmness level that is comfortable for you. If you want your mattress to be softer, choose a mattress with thick foam layers so that you’re well cushioned when you press into the structure. For a firmer mattress, choose one that has fewer foam layers and more support layers.

– Over 100 kg: A hard mattress is recommended so that you don’t sink in too much and throw your spine out of kilter. Latex and hybrid mattresses are right for you. We recommend you choose a mattress with thicker top layers of foam made from high-density materials.

If you have a body type with broader shoulders or hips, you may need a softer mattress with more support, especially if you tend to sleep on your side. And of course, don’t forget your height. Take a close look at the mattress measurements to make sure you can stretch out comfortably on it.

Sleeping positions

The parts of your body that need more support to keep your spine upright vary depending on your sleeping position. For this reason, choosing a mattress that fits your sleeping position can increase comfort and prevent pain.

– Back: The lower back is under the most stress. A medium-firm to firm mattress with low to medium support will help you not sink in too much, or at all, and keep your spine upright.

– Lateral: The pressure points where the body is widest are mainly at the shoulders and hips. Therefore, medium-soft to medium-hard mattresses are best for you.

– Face down: You put the most pressure on your lumbar spine. A firm mattress can keep you out of the U-shape and you won’t feel crushed when you lie down.

– Combination: If you use different sleeping positions during the night, experts usually recommend choosing the position you spend most of your time in. If there is no main position, a medium-firm mattress will provide the best possible support.

Now that you know what to look for, you can choose the ideal mattress for you at Epiplo Alexandros.

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