5 simple rules that will make decorating a piece of cake!

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Decorating your room or home can be extremely fun and creative, but it can also prove to be a difficult and somewhat chaotic project. That’s why we’re going to give you the five basic rules you should follow to make decorating your space enjoyable.

1. Make a plan of the space

The most basic rule about shopping is making your list. Therefore, get a paper and pencil and draw, roughly – no one will see your sketch – how you imagine your space. What furniture you’d like it to have, what colours will characterize it, and any other ideas you may have. So going in, you’ll know exactly what you need and what to ask for.

2. Pay attention to proportions and dimensions

In the plan you previously made, you’ll need to carefully measure and note down all those dimensions that might – and will be – of concern to you. You need to know the size of the space you currently have, as well as what size your furniture will need to be in order to properly fit within it, while flattering the entire room at the same time. If you have a relatively small space, you cannot put a lot of large furniture in it because it will be ‘smothered’, and similarly, in a large space small furniture will be ‘smothered’. It is very important to always take into account that in any living area you need sufficient space to move.

3. Choose the centerpiece of the room

All rooms have a ‘statement piece’ around which the rest of the furniture is stacked and placed. This can be the fireplace or a large French door, but it can even be a dining table, a sofa or a special seating arrangement.

4. Clearance and storage spaces

It is necessary every now and then to declutter your things and throw away (if broken) or give away (if still usable) what you no longer need or use. A renovation is the perfect opportunity for a clearance of your belongings – Marie Kondo style. You should also consider your storage space when purchasing your new furniture which should be big enough to store your things but in a smart way as to not take up too much of the room. Furniture such as wardrobes, cupboards, shelves and entryway furniture are ideal and stylish for storing your stuff.

5. Mix It Up

You don’t want all your furniture to be exactly the same colour and style, because eventually your space will look boring and most probably like a staged hotel reception area. The best way to avoid this common mistake is to choose a few pieces, such as an armchair or a coffee table, to be in a more unique colour, pattern and style, where it will express your taste and, at the same time, add an interesting touch to the room.

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