Dimensions (Width) *Price (€)
61-80 cm 352,00
81-90 cm 387,00
91-100 cm 424,00
101-110 cm 459,00
111-120 cm 496,00
121-130 cm 532,00
131-140 cm 568,00
141-150 cm 604,00
151-160 cm 640,00
161-170 cm 676,00
171-180 cm 712,00
181-190 cm 749,00
191-200 cm 777,00
* Prices are for length up to 2m
Over 2m 7 €/cm


7 Years Warranty!


IDEAL SUPPORT due to the Bonnel Springs

ROLL OVER PROTECTION due to the double side support

GRADUAL IMMERSION and great comfort from the Memory foam

ABSOLUTE COMFORT due to the integrated pillow top

LUXURIOUS FEELING from the multiple foam layers

EXCEPTIONAL COMFORT due to the use of stretch fabric with Aloe Vera

CONSTANT VENTILATION from the use of 3D fabric

EASY RELOCATION from the durable handles

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