baby bodyfix

Dimensions (Width) *Price (€)
up to 60 cm 240,00
61-70 cm 290,00
* Prices are for length up to 160cm
Over 160cm 13 €/cm


Handmade, anatomic mattress, because of natural Latex usage, and innovative independent springs HD pocket springs, hugging the baby's body you and follow its evolution.

The fabric treated with Olive Oil and natural cotton mixed with wool, ensuring a fresh and natural sleep environment.

  • Natural Latex.
  • Natural cotton mixed with wool
  • Regardless of high density springs, HD Pocket Springs, 840 el. / M2.
  • Quilted fabric with antibacterial treatment Olive Oil, cotton and viscose jacquard type.
  • Without using chemical adhesives for assembly of materials.
  • Height in the middle: 14cm (+, - 1 cm)

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