Choosing chairs for your dining room!

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Found a great dining table? Perhaps you already have one? So far so good. But what if you don’t have chairs or don’t like the chairs you already have? What do you do then? Do you give up and try to find a way to live with them secretly crying on the inside? Well, no! You simply pick out the chairs separately. There’s no rule that says you must buy the dining room chairs in a set, where the table and chairs have the exact same design. And generally speaking, there are no rules in style; only what we like and what suits us. So throw the taboos out the door and let’s see how to choose the perfect chairs for your dining room!

Call us predictable, but what can we do… it’s absolutely essential when it comes to furniture! Yes, you guessed it right: It all begins with the dimensions. So, first things first, assess the size and shape of the table and the room – this will help you decide how many chairs you need and how many will actually fit in your space. Oval and rectangular (or even extendable) tables can fit more chairs, while square tables usually fit 4 comfortably. This is also a good number for round tables, although the lack of corners means you could fit more people. The most important thing is to measure everything: the height of the table, the thickness of the tabletop, and the table base – the legs. Don’t rely on the listed height, the only sure and correct way is to use your tape measure.

Once you have measured these dimensions use the guide below to make your life easier:

  • The average chair is approximately 46 – 51 cm in diameter, this changes if the chairs have armrests.
  • When calculating how many chairs can fit around a table, leave 15 cm between each chair.
  • Also, leave 92 cm between the chair and the wall or any other furniture around the dining table so that guests can easily push their chair backwards.

And now that we’ve got the sizes down, let’s move on to style. The main idea here is that we want everything to look nice and coordinated in the end. But that doesn’t mean they have to be identical. Choosing tables and chairs with a common element usually ensures that they will look good together. This common element can be the frame, the colour tone of the finish, or the level of formality. It can even be a single design element, such as the legs. Be careful, don’t fall into the trap of choosing a table and chairs that share all the same elements, because it will be as if you are buying a set.

And since we’ve dived into the waters of the unexpected, don’t be afraid to match different styles of chairs with the same table. The table will serve as the key element of the composition, so you can start there and work your way out. An easy way to do this is to have a pair of matching chairs for the edges of the table, which can contrast with the side chairs for a strong look. The key is to find a common element, whether it’s the colour, the height of the chair, or the pattern.

All the above can be highlighted and utilized by choosing quality chairs that will stand the test of time.. Find the perfect ones for you here!

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